How long is the internship?  

We have 3 internship Serve Sessions throughout the year, each lasting approximately 3 months. Some interns who decide to stay after their Serve Session has ended may join our Intern Leadership Team if they qualify.

Are housing and food provided?

All of our interns live in community at Alohalani House. We also provide utilities and 3 meals a day.

How do I get to Kauai?

Interns must purchase their own airfare to and from the island. Airfare is not covered by the internship fee.

Will I have time to explore the island?

Yes! We require a commitment of 4 days per week, to be determined by us after you arrive. These days may vary each week, but will not exceed in amount. We do however strongly encourage involvement in a local church of your choice.

How do I get around while I’m on Kauai?

Our interns will have vans to transport them to and from the farm (Makanalani) and for work related trips. Two additional vehicles will be available for shorter trips to neighboring towns. More details will be given during orientation for the internship.

How old do I need to be?  

You will need to be at least 18 years of age when your Serve Session begins.

What should I pack?  

Your bible, notebook and pen, a pillow, swim suits/shorts, sunscreen, flip flops (aka slippers), a beach towel, a personal towel, toiletries, outdoor work clothes, regular clothes and other normal necessities. For working at the farm (Makanalani) bring a long sleeved shirt (like a man’s dress shirt), long pants and closed shoes.  BUG SPRAY, SUN SCREEN and a HAT. 

Who will pick me up from the airport?

We can pick you up on specified days, or you can arrange your own transportation.

Can I have visitors stay with me at the Alohalani House?

You may have pre-approved daytime visitors only, no overnight visitors are allowed.

How do I pay for the internship?

50% of the internship fee is due 4 weeks prior to the start of your Serve Session. The remainder  is due one week prior to your arrival.