“For even the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
~Mark 10:45~

What do we do?

Makanalani Interns work on various jobs around the farm and some local businesses in order to further the mission of Makanalani, which is to provide a free camp experience for kids in order that they may experience God’s love and the beauty of His creation.

Here are some things interns do during the serve session:

  • Farm Work: harvesting/cleaning/packaging citrus, helping with sheep, weeding, mowing, landscaping around Kids House, fixing fences, and more.
  • JoJo’s Shave Ice: serving in the shops that help keep Makanalani running, making shave ice, helping customers, cleaning and restocking.
  • Naikela Tea Garden: prepping ground/planting in the garden, weeding, nursery work, digging trenches, scooping mulch, drying/packaging tea.
  • Kid’s House: cleaning, restocking the rooms, playing with kids, helping with games, serving meals.
  • Community Service: helping at local schools, churches, and businesses in the community.
  • Chicken in a Barrel: serving in the restaurants to help it run, cooking, prepping food, assisting customers, cleaning, and restocking.

Most of our focus is on farm work, Kids House, JoJo’s, and the Naikela tea garden.

What do we learn?

Each week an intern will choose a verse of the week that they will then use to lead a devotion later that week. We believe this gives interns the opportunity to grow in their leading ability.

One day each week an intern on the Alaka‘i team will lead a devotion, Habitudes, that teaches how to learn and grow in servant-based leadership skills.

We have small groups that meet once a week led by our Alaka’i team. These small groups give interns the opportunity to grow in community focused around learning more about the Bible together.

Every morning we have quiet time from 6:30-7:15am. This time is there for interns to get in the habit of spending time reading their Bible, doing their personal devotion, in prayer, etc. everyday. This is especially important for growth in your faith and learning how to lead others.

We also learn what it’s like to live in community. Every Friday is Ohana day where we spend the day doing an activity or explore the island together. We also eat dinner together and serve each other by cooking and cleaning for one another in shifts.

How does it work?

We have 3 Serve Sessions per year, each one varying in length. Tuition for a serve session is $2,500. Housing, utilities, meals, learning materials, testing fees, and a $300 refundable deposit (liability, property damage, etc.) are included in the cost of tuition. We get two and a half days a week to enjoy island life, go to the beach, serve in a local church, and rest!

How do I apply?

Click HERE or go to our APPLY NOW page to submit your application. A $35 application fee is due at the time you apply. You will be contacted within one week after submission regarding next steps in the application process.

For more questions…

Visit our FAQ’s page or email us at servemakanalani@gmail.com.